Introduction Mechatronics and Measurements Systems – David Alciatore – 4th Edition

Mechatronics and Measurements provides comprehensive and accessible coverage of the evolving field of mechatronics for mechanical, electrical and aerospace engineering majors. The author presents a concise review of electrical circuits, solid-state devices, digital circuits, and motors- all of which are fundamental to understanding mechatronic .

Mechatronics considerations are presented throughout the text, and in “ Example” features. The text’s numerous illustrations, examples, class discussion items, and chapter questions & exercises provide an opportunity to understand and apply mechatronics to actual problems encountered in engineering practice. This text has been tested over several years to ensure accuracy.

The authors maintain a Mechatronics web site with examples and animations related to thetext and much other relevant material at

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Electric Circuits and Components
Chapter 3 Semiconductor Electronics
Chapter 4 System Response
Chapter 5 Analog Signal Processing Using Operational Amplifiers
Chapter 6 Digital Circuits
Chapter 7 Programming and Interfacing
Chapter 8 Acquisition
Chapter 9 Sensors
Chapter 10 Actuators
Chapter 11 Mechatronic Systems-Control Architectures and Case Studies

Appendix A Measurement Fundamentals
Appendix B Physical Principles
Appendix C Mechanics of

Title: Introduction Mechatronics and Measurements Systems
Author: David Alciatore
Edition: 4th Edition
ISBN: 0073380237 | 9780073380230
Type: eBook
Language: English


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