Introductory Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics – J.R. Elliott, C.T. Lira – 1st Edition


In this , two leading experts and long-time instructors thoroughly explain therodynamics, taking the molecular perspective that working require (and competitive books often avoid). This new Second Edition contains extensive new coverage of today’s fast-growing biochemical applications, notably biomass conversion to fuels and chemicals. It also presents many new examples and tools to complement its previous usage of Excel and other .

The molecular perspective is represented by descriptions encompassing: the relation of kinetic to temperature; the origin and consequences of intermolecular potentials; molecular acidity and basicity; used to incorporate molecular properties into molecular simulations; and the impact of molecular properties on macroscopic and entropy. This text is distinctive in making molecular perspectives accessible at the introductory level and connecting properties with practical implications.

Table of Content

1: Introduction
2: The Energy Balance
3: Entropy
4: Thermodynamics of Processes
5: Classical Thermodynamics - Generalization to any Fluid
6: Engineering Equations of State for PVT Properties
7: Departure Functions
8: Phase Equilibrium in a Pure Fluid
9: Introduction to Multicomponent Systems
10: Phase Equilibria in Mixtures by an Equation of State
11: Activity Models
12: Liquid-Liquid Phase Equilibria
13: Special Topics
14: Reacting Systems
15: Molecular Association and Solvation