Special Functions – Nico M. Temme – 2nd Edition

This book gives an to the classical, well-known functions which play a role in mathematical physics, especially in boundary value . Calculus and form the basis of the book and numerous formulas are given. Particular attention is given to asymptomatic and numerical aspects of special functions, with numerous references to recent literature provided.

  1. Bernoulli, Euler and Stirling Numbers.
  2. Useful Methods and Techniques.
  3. The Gamma Function.
  4. Differential .
  5. Hypergeometric Functions.
  6. Orthogonal Polynomials.
  7. Confluent Hypergeometric Functions.
  8. Legendre Functions.
  9. Bessel Functions.
  10. Separating the Wave Equation.
  11. Special Statistical Distribution Functions.
  12. Elliptic Integrals and Elliptic Functions.
  13. Numerical Aspects of Special Functions.
Title: Special Functions: An Introduction to the Classical Functions of Mathematical Physics
Author: Nico M. Temme
Edition: 2nd Edition
ISBN: 978-0-471-11313-3
Type: eBook
Language: English

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