Microeconomic Analysis – Hal R. Varian – 3rd Edition

has been a fixture of graduate in economics for fifteen years. It has held this position because it has the authority, the clarity, and the breadth necessary for a classic text. This new Third Edition continues to supply the building blocks of analysis: a thorough treatment of optimization and equilibrium methods, coupled with numerous examples of their application.

The Third Edition expands on the earlier editions in two ways. First, the existing coverage has been rewritten and rearranged. Second, new chapters have been added on game , oligopoly, asset markets, and economics.

The rearrangement follows the model of Hal Varian’s Intermediate Microeconomics: a number of short chapters, each devoted to a single topic. In fact, the topical division is as close as possible to that of the undergraduate text. This makes it easy to review undergraduate material before moving on to graduate material.

The new chapters highlight significant developments in microeconomic theory in the last ten years at a level that is accessible for first-year graduate students.

  1. Preface
  2. Profit Maximization
  3. Profit Function
  4. Cost Minimization
  5. Cost Function
  6. Duality
  7. Utility Maximization
  8. Choice
  9. Demand
  10. Consumers’ Surplus
  11. Uncertainty
  12. Econometrics
  13. Competitive Markets
  14. Monopoly
  15. Game Theory
  16. Oligopoly
  17. Exchange
  18. Production
  19. Time
  20. Asset Markets
  21. Equilibrium Analysis
  22. Welfare
  23. Public Goods
  24. Externalities
  25. Information
  26. Optimization
Title: Microeconomic Analysis
Author: Hal R. Varian
Edition: 3rd Edition
ISBN: 8485855639 | 9788485855636
Type: Solution Manual
Language: English


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