Analog Electronics (Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing) – D. Crecraft, S. Gergely – 1st Edition


Analog Electronics is a core undergraduate textbook that takes a thoroughly up-to-date approach to analog electronics and its role in , RF and wireless , an emphasis on signal processing. This complements the requirements of digital systems course modules, while delivering the core analog curriculum in a motivating and relevant way.

Throughout the book the learning process is supported by a variety of self-assessment and exercises including -based work, using spreadsheets and SPICE-like simulations.

The content has been carefully designed to meet the requirements of first and second year of , communications and telecommunications, following full honours degree programs or two-year courses including HNC/HND.

Table of Content

Chapter 2 Signals and signal processing 13
Chapter 3 Amplifiers and feedback 72
Chapter 4 Signal processing with operational amplifiers 97
Chapter 5 Diode and transistor circuits 109
Chapter 6 Design of operation amplifiers op amps 132
Chapter 7 Analogtodigital and digitaltoanalog conversion 156
Chapter 8 Audiofrequency power amplifiers 180
Chapter 9 Radio communication techniques 200
Chapter 10 Filters 233
Chapter 11 Signal generation 263
Chapter 12 Interconnections 282
Chapter 13 Power supplies 324
Answers to SAQs 369
Index 414

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