Analytical Mechanics – Grant R. Fowles & George L. Cassiday – 7th Edition

With the direct, accessible, and pragmatic approach of Fowles and Cassiday’s ANALYTICAL MECHANICS, Seventh Edition, thoroughly revised for clarity and concision, will grasp challenging concepts in introductory mechanics.

A complete exposition of the fundamentals of , this proven and enduring introductory text is a standard for the undergraduate Mechanics course. Numerical worked examples increased students’ problem-solving skills, while textual discussions aid in student understanding of theoretical material through the use of specific cases.

1. Fundamental Concepts: Vectors.
2. Newtonian Mechanics: Rectilinear Motion of a Particle.
3. Oscillations.
4. General Motion of a Particle in Three Dimensions.
5. Noninertial Reference Systems.
6. Gravitation and Central Forces.
7. of Systems of Particles.
8. Mechanics of Rigid Bodies: Planar Motion.
9. Motion of Rigid Bodies in Three Dimensions.
10. Lagrangian Mechanics.
11. Dynamics of Oscillating Systems.

Answers to Selected Odd-Numbered .
Selected References.

Title: Analytical Mechanics
Author: Fowles & Cassiday / George L. Cassiday/ Grant R. Fowles
Edition: 7th Edition
ISBN: 0534494927 | 978-0534494926
Type: Solution Manual
Language: English
Classical Mechanics

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