Applying UML and Patterns – Craig Larman – 2nd Edition

Applying UML and , second edition, helps any developer or student master the core principles and best practices of object-oriented and design (OOA/D)-not just drawing UML, but really applying it in the context of software design.

Renowned object technology and iterative methods leader Craig Larman presents three iterations of a single, cohesive case study, incrementally introducing the critical skills of OOA/D, while emphasizing the most essential activities, principles, and patterns. Coverage includes:

*Requirements and Use Cases: Identifying and recording requirements
*Domain Object Modeling: Understanding domain objects of interest, their attributes, and relationships
*Architecture: Creating layered architectures that maximize applicationflexibility, robustness, and maintainability
*Essential Object Design: Mastering key skills, including assigning responsibilities to objects, and designing collaborations with principles such as Information Expert, Indirection, and Protected Variations
*Design Patterns: Creating robust objec

I. .
1. Object-Oriented Analysis and Design.
2. Iterative Development and the Unified Process.
3. Case Study: The NextGen POS .

4. Inception.
5. Understanding Requirements.
6. Use-Case Model: Writing Requirements in Context.
7. Identifying Other Requirements.
8. From Inception to Elaboration.

9. Use-Case Model: Drawing System Sequence Diagrams.
10. Domain Model: Visualizing .
11. Domain Model: Adding Associations.
12. Domain Model: Adding Attributes.
13. Use-Case Model: Adding Detail with Operation Contracts.
14. From Requirements to Design in this Iteration.
15. Interaction Diagram Notation.
16. GRASP: Designing Objects with Responsibilities.
17. Design Model: Use-Case Realizations with GRASP Patterns.
18. Design Model: Determining Visibility.
19. Design Model: Creating Design Class Diagrams.
20. Implementation Model: Mapping Designs to Code.

21. Iteration 2 and its Requirements.
22. GRASP: More Patterns for Assigning Responsibilities.
23. Designing Use-Case Realizations with GoF Design Patterns.

24. Iteration 3 and Its Requirements.
25. Relating Use Cases.
26. Modeling Generalization.
27. Refining the Domain Model.
28. Adding New SSDs and Contracts.
29. Modeling Behavior in Statechart Diagrams.
30. Designing the Logical Architecture with Patterns.
31. Organizing the Design and Implementation Model Packages.
32. Introduction to Architectural Analysis and the SAD.
33. Designing More Use-Case Realizations with Objects and Patterns.
34. Designing a Persistence Framework with Patterns.

35. On Drawing and Tools.
36. Introduction to Iterative Planning and Issues.
37. Comments on Iterative Development and the UP.
38. More UML Notation.

Notation. Implementation Diagrams. Template (Parameterized, Generic) Class. Activity Diagrams.

Title: Applying UML and Patterns: An Introduction to Object-Oriented Analysis and Design and Iterative Development
Author: Craig Larman
Edition: 2nd Edition
ISBN: 0130925691 | 9780130925695
Type: eBook
Language: English
Software Design

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