Arduino Adventures – James Floyd Kelly & Harold Timmis – 1st Edition


Arduino Adventures: Escape from Gemini Station provides a fun introduction to the Arduino by putting you (the reader) into the action of a fiction adventure story. You’ll find yourself following along as Cade and Elle explore Gemini Station—an orbiting museum dedicated to preserving and sharing throughout the centuries.

Trouble ensues. The station is evacuated, Cade and Elle’s class that was visiting the station on a field trip. Cade and Elle don’t make it aboard their shuttle and are trapped on the station along with a friendly artificial intelligence named Andrew who wants to help them get off the damaged station. Using some old hardware, a laptop, and some toolboxes full of electronics parts, you will follow along and build eight gizmos with Cade and Elle that will help them escape from Gemini Station.

The hardware is Arduino. Each new challenge opens a new area of Arduino and basic electronics knowledge. You’ll be taken incrementally from a simple task such as turning on a light through to a combination of microcontroller, electronic components, and software programming. By the end of the you’ll be well on your way towards being able to create and any sort of electronically controlled device you can imagine, using the stunningly popular Arduino microcontroller.

Provides eight challenges, each challenge increasing in complexity
Builds around a fictional storyline that keeps the fun
Leaves you on a solid foundation of electronic skills and knowledge

Table of Content

Challenge 1: Fun Stuff to Know
Challenge 1: Examining the Hardware
Challenge 1: Examining the Software
Damage Assessment
Challenge 2: Fun Stuff to Know
Challenge 2: Examining the Hardware
Challenge 2: Examining the Software
Feeling The Heat
Challenge 3: Fun Stuff to Know
Challenge 3: Examining the Hardware
Challenge 3: Examining the Software
Uninvited Guest
Challenge 4: Fun Stuff to Know
Challenge 4: Examining the Hardware
Challenge 4: Examining the Software
Hide and Seek
Challenge 5: Fun Stuff to Know
Challenge 5: Examining the Hardware
Challenge 5: Examining the Software
Carousel Ride
Challenge 6: Fun Stuff to Know

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