Beginning C: From Novice to Professional – Ivor Horton – 4th Edition

With C: From Novice to Professional, Fourth Edition, you’ll come to understand the of the C language and learn to program. All you need is this book and any one of the widely available free or commercial C or C++ compilers, and you’ll soon be writing real C programs. You’ll learn C from the first principles, using step-by-step working examples that you’ll create and execute yourself.

This book will increase your programming expertise by guiding you through the development of fully working C applications that use what you’ve learned in a practical context. You’ll also be able to strike out on your own by trying the exercises included at the end of each chapter. Pick up a copy of this book by renowned author, Ivor Horton, because:

  • It is the only beginning-level book to cover the latest ANSI standard in C
  • Is approachable and aimed squarely at people new to C
  • Emphasizes writing code after the first chapter
  • Includes substantial examples relevant to intermediate users
1: Programming in C
2: First Steps in Programming
3: Making Decisions
4: Loops
5: Arrays
6: Applications with Strings and Text
7: Pointers
8: Structuring Your Programs
9: More on
10: Essential Input and Operations
11: Structuring
12: Working with Files
13: Supporting Facilities

APPENDIX A: Computer Arithmetic
APPENDIX B: ASCII Character Code Definitions
APPENDIX C: Reserved Words in C
APPENDIX D: Input and Output Format Specifications

Title: Beginning C: From Novice to Professional
Author: Ivor Horton
Edition: 4th Edition
ISBN: 1590597354 | 9781590597354
Type: eBook
Language: English
Computer Programming

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