Calculus: Single Variable – Hughes-Hallett – 3rd Edition


The Third Edition of reflects the strong consensus within the community for a new balance between the contemporary ideas of the original editions of this and ideas and topics from earlier calculus books. on previous work, this Third Edition has the same philosophy as earlier editions but represents a new balance of topics.

CALCULUS 3/e brings together the best of both new and traditional curricula in an effort to meet the needs of even more instructors teaching calculus. The author team’s extensive experience teaching from both traditional and innovative books and their expertise in developing innovative put them in an unique position to make this new curriculum meaningful to going into mathematics and those going into the sciences and .

The authors believe the new edition will work well for those departments who are looking for a calculus book that offers a middle ground for their calculus instructors.CALCULUS 3/e exhibits the same strengths from earlier editions the Rule of Four, an emphasis on modeling, exposition that students can read and understand and a flexible to technology. The conceptual and modeling problems, praised for their creativity and variety, continue to motivate and challenge students.

Table of Content

1 Una Biblioteca de Funciones
2 Concepto Clave: la Derivada
3 Atajos Para la Diferenciación
4 Aplicaciones de la Derivada
5 Concepto Clave: La Integral Definida
6 Construyendo Antiderivadas
7 Integración
8 Aplicaciones de la Integral Definida
9 Sucesiones y Series
10 Aproximación de Funciones usando Series
11 Ecuaciones Diferenciales

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