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Classical Electrodynamics - John David Jackson - 1st Edition

Classical Electrodynamics – John David Jackson – 1st Edition

electromagnetic theory, together with and quantum mechanics, forms the core of present-day theoretical training for undergaduate and graduate physicist. A thorough grounding in these subjects is a requirement for more and specialized training.

Typically the undergraduate program in electricity and magnetism involves two or, perhaps, three semesters beyond physics, with the emphasis on the fundamental laws, laboratory verification and elaboration of their consequences, circuit analysis, simple wave phenomena, and radiation. The mathematical tools utilized include vector calculus, ordinary differential with constant coefficients, Fourier series, and perhaps Fourier or Laplace transforms, partial differential , Legendre polynomials, and Bessel functions.

The first aim of this book is to present the basic subject matter as a coherent whole, with emphasis on the unity of electric and magnetic phenomena, both in their physical basis and in the mode of mathematical description. The second, concurrent aim is to develop and utilize a number of topics in mathematical physics which are useful in both electromagnetic theory and wave mechanics. These include Green’s theorems and Green’s functions, orthonormal expansions, spherical harmonics, cylindrical and spherical Bessel functions.

  1. to Electrostatics.
  2. Boundary-Value Problems in Electrostatics: I.
  3. Boundary-Value Problems in Electrostatics: II.
  4. Multipoles, Electrostatics of Macroscopic Media, Dielectrics.
  5. Magnetostatics, Faraday’s Law, Quasi-Static Fields.
  6. Maxwell Equations, Macroscopic Electromagnetism, Conservation Laws.
  7. Plane Electromagnetic Waves and Wave Propagation.
  8. Waveguides, Resonant Cavities, and Optical Fibers.
  9. Radiating Systems, Multipole Fields and Radiation.
  10. Scattering and Diffraction.
  11. Special Theory of Relativity.
  12. of Relativistic Particles and Electromagnetic Fields.
  13. Collisions, Energy Loss, and Scattering of Charged Particles, Cherenkov and Transition Radiation.
  14. Radiation by Moving Charges.
  15. Bremsstrahlung, Method of Virtual Quanta, Radiative Beta Processes.
  16. Radiation Damping, Classical Models of Charged Particles.
Title: Classical Electrodynamics
Author: John David Jackson
Edition: 1st Edition
ISBN: 9780471431312
Type: eBook
Language: English
Electromagnetic Theory

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