Complex Variables with Applications – A. David Wunsch – 3rd Edition

The third of this unique text remains accessible to of engineering, physics and applied with varying mathematical backgrounds. Designed for a one or two-semester course in complex analysis, there is optional review material on elementary calculus.

Complex Numbers; The Complex Function and its Derivative; The Basic ; Integration in the Complex Plane; Infinite Series Involving a ; Residues and Their Use in Integration; and Stability of Systems; Conformal Mapping and Some of Its Applications; Topics in Infinite Series and Products

For all readers interested in complex variables with applications.

 1. Complex Numbers.
 2. The Complex Function and Its Derivative.
 3. The Basic Transcendental Functions.
 4. Integration in the Complex Plane.
 5. Infinite Series Involving a Complex Variable.
 6. Residues and Their Use in Integrations.
 7. Laplace Transforms and Stability of Systems.
 8. Conformal Mapping and Some of Its Applications.

Title: Complex Variables with Applications
Author: A. David Wunsch
Edition: 3rd Edition
ISBN: 0201756099 | 9780201756098
Type: eBook
Language: English
Complex Variables

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