Digital and Analog Communication Systems – León W. Couch – 5th Edition


This text provides a broad introduction to basic analog and digital principles and their application to the and of real-world systems.

It provides with a working of how to use both classical mathematical and personal methods to analyze, design, and simulate modern communication systems. This edition contains an abundance of new examples and homework (with selected answers) many of which require solution via a personal (solution templates are included).

A disk with over 115 computer solution MATLAB M-files and MathCAD templates for selected topics accompanies the , and the work includes a new chapter with up-to-date cases of telephone, satellite, fiber optic, PCS, and HDTV systems, an updated appendix on computer and modems, and updated standards and references.

Table of Content

1. Introduction
2. Signals and Spectra
3. Baseband Pulse and Digital Signaling
4. Bandpass Signaling Principles and Circuits
5. AM, FM and Digital Modulated Systems
6. Random Processes and Spectral Analysis
7. Performance of Communication Systems Corrupted by Noise
8. Case Studies of Communication Systems

Appendix A: Mathematical Techniques, Identities, and Tables
Appendix B: Probability and Random Variables
Appendix C: Standards and Terminology for ComputerCommunications

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