Digital Communications – John G. Proakis – 4th Edition

The fourth edition of has undergone a minor revision. Several new topics have been added, including serial and parallel concatenated codes, punctured convolutional codes, turbo TCM and turbo equalization, and spatial multiplexing. Since this is an introductory-level text, the treatment of these topics is limited in scope.

The is designed to serve as a text for a first-year graduate-level course for students in electrical engineering. It is also designed to serve as a text for self-study and as a book for the practicing engineer involved in the design of digital communications systems. As a background, I presume that the reader has a thorough understanding of basic calculus and elementary linear systems theory and some prior of probability and stochastic .

2 Probability and Stochastic Processes
3 Source Coding
4 Characterization of Communication Signals and Systems
5 Optimum Receivers for the Additive White Gaussian Noise Channel
6 Carrier and Symbol Synchronization
7 Channel Capacity and Coding
8 Block and Convolutional Channel Codes
9 Signal Design for Band-Limited Channels
10 Communication through Band-Limited Linear Filter Channels
11 Adaptive Equalization
12 Multichannel and Multicarrier Systems
13 Spread Spectrum Signals for Communications
14 Digital Communication through Fading Multipath Channels
15 Multiuser Communications

Appendix A The Levinson-Durbin Algorithm
Appendix B Error Probability for Multichannel Binary Signals
Appendix C Error Probabilities for Adaptive Reception of M-phase Signals
Appendix D Square-Root Factorization

Title: Digital Communications
Author: John G. Proakis
Edition: 4th Edition
ISBN: 0072321113
Type: eBook
Language: English


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