Digital Integrated Circuits – Jan M. Rabaey – 2nd Edition


Progressive in content and form, this practical successfully bridges the gap between the perspective and system perspective of digital integrated design. Digital maintains a consistent, flow of subject matter throughout. Addresses today’s most significant and compelling industry topics, : the impact of interconnect, design for low , issues in timing and clocking, design methodologies, and the tremendous effect of design automation on the digital design perspective. For readers interested in digital circuit design.

Table of Content

Part 1: The Fabrics

1. Introduction.
2. The Manufacturing Process. A. IC Layout.
3. The Devices. B. Circuit Simulation.
4. The Wire.

Part 2: A Circuit Perspective

5. The CMOS Inverter.
6. Designing Combinational Logic Gates in CMOS. C. How to Simulate Complex Logic Circuits. D. Layout Techniques for Complex Gates.
7. Designing Sequential Logic Circuits.

Part 3: A System Perspective

8. Implementation Strategies for Digital ICs. E. Characterizing Logic and Sequential Cells. F. Design Synthesis.
9. Coping with Interconnect.
10. Timing Issues in Digital Circuits. G. Design Verification.
11. Designing Arithmetic Building Blocks.
12. Designing Memory and Array Structures. H. Validation and Test of Manufactured Circuits. Problem Solutions.