Economics Today – Roger LeRoy Miller – 16th Edition


Miller’s Today remains committed to providing readers with discussion and coverage of the most current issues and events. Given the immense changes in our economy, this sixteenth edition of Today addresses what has occurred and discusses the importance of today’s major issues.

learn best when they see concepts applied to examples from their everyday lives. With an abundance of relentlessly current examples, Economics Today appeals to today’s diverse population by presenting ideas clearly, at an accessible level, and in the context of newsworthy applications.

Each chapter begins and ends with an Issues and Applications feature, which introduces a timely issue in the chapter opener and analyzes the issue using the economic tools learned in that chapter at the end.

Table of Content

PART I Introduction
1 The Nature of Economics
2 Scarcity and the World of Trade-Offs
3 Demand and Supply
4 Extensions of Demand and Supply Analysis
5 Public Spending and Public Choice
6 Funding the Public Sector

PART 2 Introduction to Macroeconomics and Economic Growth
7 The Macroeconomy: Unemployment, Inflation and Deflation
8 Measuring the Economy’s Performance
9 Global Economic Growth and Development

PART 3 Real GDP Determination and Fiscal Policy
10 Real GDP and the Price Level in the Long Run
11 Classical and Keynesian Macro Analyses
12 Consumption, Real GDP, and the Multiplier
13 Fiscal Policy
14 Deficit Spending and the Public Debt

PART 4 Money, Stabilization, and Growth
15 Money, Banking, and Central Banking
16 Domestic and International Dimensions of Monetary Policy
17 Stabilization in an Integrated World Economy
18 Policies and Prospects for Global Economic Growth

PART 5 Dimensions of Microeconomics
19 Demand and Supply Elasticity
20 Consumer Choice
21 Rents, Profits, and the Financial Environment of Business

PART 6 Market Structure, Resource Allocation, and Regulation
22 The Firm: Cost and Output Determination
23 Perfect Competition
24 Monopoly
25 Monopolistic Competition
26 Oligopoly and Strategic Behavior
27 Regulation and Antitrust Policy in a Globalized Economy

PART 7 Labor Resources and the Environment
28 The Labor Market: Demand, Supply, and Outsourcing
29 Unions and Labor Market Monopoly Power
30 Income, Poverty, and Health Care
31 Environmental Economics

PART 8 Global Economics
32 Comparative Advantage and the Open Economy
33 Exchange Rates and the Balance of Payments

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