Electric Machines: Analysis and Design Applying Matlab – Jimmie J. Cathey – 1st Edition


This text contains sufficient material for a single semester core course in electric and conversion, while allowing some selectivity among the topics covered by the latter sections of Chapters 3-7 depending on a school’s curriculum. The text can work for either a course in design principles and analysis with an optional design project, or for a capstone design course that follows an introductory course in device principles.

A unique feature of “ Applying ” is its integration of the popular interactive computer software to handle the tedious calculations arising in electric analysis. As a result, more exact models of devices can be retained for analysis rather than the approximate models commonly introduced for the sake of computational simplicity.

* A unique text that integrates the popular interactive computer software MATLAB to handle the tedious calculations arising in electric machine analysis
* Readers are able to quickly calculate and plot wide range data through the use of developed computer software for each energy conversion
* Includes a list at the end of each chapter
* An expanded Web site will include a downloadable version of the manual and the MATLAB M-files

Table of Content

1 Introduction
2 Sinusoidal Steady-State Circuits
3 Magnetic Circuits and Energy Conversion
4 Transformers
5 DC Machines
6 Induction Motors
7 Synchronous Machines
Appendix A Winding Factors
Appendix B Conversion Factors
Appendix C Magnetic Wire Tables