Electricity and Magnetism – Edward Purcell (Berkeley Physics Course) – 2nd Edition


This second edition of Volume II of the Berkeley Physics Course Electricity and Magnetism has been done taking into account three broad objectives. First, we have tried to make the text clearer in many points. A second goal was to make the book virtually independent of the rest of the volumes of the Berkeley Physics Course.

A third need was to modernize the treatment of certain topics such as electrical conduction, homogeneous semiconductor physics, particle physics, etc.
Also in the Appendices have been introduced special issues and of the 300 problems contained in this volume, half are new.

Table of Contents

Electrostatic: loads and fields.
Electrical potential.
Electrical field in conductors.
Electrical currents.
Mobile load fields.
The magnetic field.
Electromagnetic induction.
AC circuits.
Maxwell equations and electromagnetic waves.
Electrical fields in the field.

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