Electricity and Magnetism – Raymond A. Serway – 6th Edition


This best-selling, -based text is recognized for its carefully crafted, presentation of the basic concepts and principles of . FOR SCIENTISTS AND , Sixth Edition, maintains the Serway traditions of concise writing for the , carefully thought-out problem sets and worked examples, and evolving educational pedagogy.

This edition introduces a new co-author, Dr. John Jewett, at Cal Poly – Pomona, known best for his teaching awards and his role in the recently published PRINCIPLES OF PHYSICS, Third Edition, also written with Ray Serway. Providing students with the tools they need to succeed in introductory physics, the Sixth Edition of this authoritative text features unparalleled media integration and a newly enhanced supplemental package for instructors and students!

As in previous editions, this book is made up of the first 12 chapters of Volume II of and of Serway & Jewett. Thus, the course of Electricity and is covered in the schools of and in which the subjects of physics are imparted separately.

Table of Content

1. Electric fields
2. Gaussian law
3. Electrical potential
4. Capacitance and dielectric materials
5. Current and resistance
6. Direct current circuits
7. Magnetic Fields
8. Magnetic field sources
9. Faraday's Law
10. Inductance
11. Alternating Current Circuits
12. Electromagnetic waves.

Answers to odd-numbered problems.

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