Elemental Geosystems – Robert W. Christopherson – 7th Edition


Among the most highly regarded in physical , Robert Christopherson’s bestselling Elemental is known for currency, accuracy, rich integration of science, and a dynamic multimedia program.

Elemental Geosystems, Seventh Edition is organized around the natural flow of , , and information, presenting subjects in the same sequence in which they occur in nature – an organic, holistic that is unique in this discipline. Each chapter also includes strong pedagogical tools and a structured path that consists of Key Concepts presented at the start of the chapter, Key Concepts Review at the end of the chapter, and Critical Thinking integrated throughout.

Offering current examples and modern science within a one-of-a-kind Earth systems , Christopherson combines student-friendly writing, the most current applications, outstanding art, and a strong multimedia program for a truly unique physical geography experience. The Seventh Edition is available with MasteringGeography™; the Mastering platform is the most effective and widely used tutorial, homework, and assessment system for the sciences.

Table of Content

1. Essentials of Geography

PART I: The Energy-Atmosphere System
2. Solar Energy, Seasons, and the Atmosphere
3. Atmospheric Energy and Global Temperatures
4. Atmospheric and Oceanic Circulations

PART II: Water, Weather, and Climate Systems
5. Atmospheric Water and Weather
6. Water Resources
7. Climate Systems and Climate Change

PART III: The Earth—Atmosphere Interface
8. The Dynamic Planet
9. Tectonics, Earthquakes and Volcanoes
10. Weathering, Karst Landscapes, and Mass Movement
11. River Systems and Landforms
12. The Oceans, Coastal Systems, and Wind Processes
13. Glacial and Periglacial Landscapes

PART IV: Soils, Ecosystems, and Biomes
14. The Geography of Soils
15. Ecosystem Essentials
16. Terrestrial Biomes
17. Earth and the Human Denominator

Appendix A Maps in this Text and Topographic Maps
Appendix B The Köppen Climate Classification System
Appendix C Common Conversions

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