Elementary Number Theory and its Applications – Kenneth Rosen – 1st Edition


and Its Applicationsis noted for its outstanding exercise sets, basic exercises, exercises designed to help explore key concepts, and challenging exercises.

Computational exercises and computer projects are also provided. In addition to years of use and professor feedback, this edition has been thoroughly checked to ensure the and accuracy of the mathematical content and the exercises. The blending of classical theory with modern applications is a hallmark feature of the text.

This Edition builds on this strength with new examples and exercises, additional applications and increased coverage. The author devotes a great deal of attention to making this new edition up-to-date, incorporating new results and discoveries in number theory made in the past few years.

Table of Content

1. The Integers.
2. Integer Representations and Operations.
3. Primes and Greatest Common Divisors.
4. Congruences.
5. Applications of Congruences.
6. Some Special Congruences.
7. Multiplicative Functions.
8. Cryptology.
9. Primitive Roots.
10. Applications of Primitive Roots and the Order of an Integer.
11. Quadratic Residues.
12. Decimal Fractions and Continued.
13. Some Nonlinear Diophantine Equations.
14. The Gaussian Integers.