Engineering Materials Science – Milton Ohring – 1st Edition

’s Engineering Materials Science integrates the scientific nature and modern applications of all classes of engineering materials. This comprehensive, introductory textbook will provide undergraduate engineering students with the background needed to understand the science of structure-property relationships, as well as address the engineering concerns of materials selection in design, processing materials into useful products, andhow material degrade and fail in service. Specific topics include: physical and electronic structure; thermodynamics and kinetics; processing; mechanical, electrical, magnetic, and optical properties; degradation; and failure and reliability. The book offers superior coverage of electrical, optical, and magnetic materials than competing text.

The author has taught introductory courses in material science and engineering both in academia and industry (AT&T Bell Laboratories) and has also written the well-received book, “The Material Science of Thin Films” (Academic Press).

Key Features

* Provides a modern treatment of materials exposing the interrelated themes of structure, properties, processing, and performance
* Includes an interactive, computationally oriented, computer disk containing nine modules dealing with structure, phase diagrams, diffusion, and mechanical and electronic properties
* are stressed
* Of particular interest to students, researchers, and professionals in the field of electronic engineering

A Historical Perspective
Chapter 1 A Review of Materials Science
Chapter 2 Vacuum Science and
Chapter 3 Thin-Film Evaporation Processes
Chapter 4 Discharges, Plasmas, and Ion-Surface Interactions
Chapter 5 Plasma and Ion Beam Processing of Thin Films
Chapter 6 Vapor Deposition
Chapter 7 Substrate Surfaces and Thin-Film Nucleation
Chapter 8 Epitaxy
Chapter 9 Film Structure
Chapter 10 Characterization of Thin Films and Surfaces
Chapter 11 Interdiffusion, Reactions, and Transformations in Thin Films
Chapter 12 Mechanical Properties of Thin Films

Title: Engineering Materials Science
Author: Milton Ohring
Edition: 1st Edition
ISBN: 0125249950 | 9780125249959
Type: Solution Manual
Language: English

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