Engineering Noise Control – Bies & Hansen – 3rd Edition


The third edition of has been thoroughly revised, updated and extended. Each chapter contains new material, much of which is not available elsewhere. The result is a comprehensive discussion of the theoretical principles and concepts of acoustics and , a detailed discussion of the hearing mechanism, noise measuring instrumentation and techniques, noise criteria, sound source characterization and emission, outdoor sound propagation, sound in rooms, sound transmission through partitions, enclosure , dissipative and reactive mufflers, vibration isolation, equipment sound emission calculations and active noise cancellation.

The is an excellent text for advanced undergraduate or graduate of acoustic and noise control, and it also contains essential information and prediction techniques that make it an invaluable for the practitioner.

Table of Content

1. Fundamentals and Basic Terminology
2. The Human Ear
3. Instrumentation for Noise Measurement and Analysis
4. Criteria
5. Sound Sources and Outdoor Sound Propagation
6. Sound Power, its Use and Measurement
7. Sound in Enclosed Places
8. Partitions, Enclosures and Barriers
9. Muffler Devices
10. Vibration Control
11. Sound Power and Sound Pressure Level Estimation Procedures
12. Active Noise Control
13. Survey of Analytical Techniques for the Estimation of Sound Power Levels

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