Facility Piping Systems Handbook – Michael Frankel – 3rd Edition

Fully up-to-date with the latest codes and standards, this practical resource contains everything you need to plan, select, design, specify, and test piping systems for industry, commercial, and institutional applications. The includes complete coverage of pipes, fittings, valves, jointing methods, hangers, supports, pumps, tanks, and other required equipment.

Facility Piping Systems , Third , progresses from of systems operation to a design procedure that allows quick and accurate component and pipe sizing. Listings of FDA, EPA, and OSHA requirements are included. Complete with formulas, charts, and tables, this invaluable all-in-one volume will save you time and money on the job.
Coverage includes:

* Water treatment and purification
* Heat transfer, insulation, and freeze protection
* Cryogenic storage
* Facility steam and condensate systems
* Liquid fuel storage and dispensing
* Fuel gas and compressed gas systems
* Vacuum air systems
* Animal facility piping systems
* Life safety systems
* Nonpotable and drinking water systems
* Swimming pools, spas, and water attractions
* And more

Chapter 1. Codes and Standards
Chapter 2. Piping
Chapter 3. Solid-Liquid Separators and Interceptors
Chapter 4. Water Treatment and Purification
Chapter 5. Heat Transfer, Insulation, and Freeze Protection
Chapter 6. Site Utility Systems
Chapter 7. Turf Irrigation Systems
Chapter 8. Cryogenic Storage Systems
Chapter 9. Plumbing Systems
Chapter 10. Special Waste Drainage Systems
Chapter 11. Swimming Pools, Spas, and Water Attractions
Chapter 12. Liquid Fuel Storage and Dispensing Systems
Chapter 13. Fuel Gas Systems
Chapter 14. Compressed Gas Systems
Chapter 15. Vacuum Air Systems
Chapter 16. Animal Facility Piping Systems
Chapter 17. Line Safety Systems
Chapter 18. Water Display Fountains and Pools
Chapter 19. Nonpotable Water Systems
Chapter 20. Drinking Water Systems
Chapter 21. Heat Exchangers
Appendices A. Pipe Distribution Systems
Appendix B. Glossary and Abbreviations
Appendix C. Metric Unit Conventions and Conversions

Title: For Industrial Commercial and Healthcare Facilities
Author: Michael Frankel
Edition: 3rd Edition
ISBN: 9780071597210
Type: eBook
Language: English

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