Foundations of Microeconomics – Michael Parkin, Robin Bade – 6th Edition

A practice-oriented system that breaks the traditional textbook mold.

To help readers focus on the most important –and effectively practice application of those –Foundations of is structured around a Checklist/Checkpoint system. The result is a patient, confidence-building textbook that prepares readers to use economics in their everyday life, regardless of what their future career will be.

2: The U.S. and Global Economies
3: The Economic Problem
4: Demand and Supply
5: Elasticities of Demand and Supply
6: Efficiency and Fairness of Markets
7: Government Actions in Markets
8: Taxes
9: Global Markets in Action
10: Public Goods and Public Choices
11: Externalities and the Environment
12: Private
13: Consumer Choice and Demand
14: Production and Cost
15: Perfect Competition
16: Monopoly
17: Monopolistic Competition
18: Oligopoly
19: Markets for Factors of Production
20: Inequality and Poverty

Title: Foundations of Microeconomics
Author: Michael Parkin / Robin Bade
Edition: 6th Edition
ISBN: 9780132830881
Type: eBook
Language: English

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