Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics (SI) – Bruce R. Munson – 6th Edition


Fundamentals of Fluid is THE best-selling fluid text for a reason – it offers comprehensive topical coverage, with varied examples and , application of the visual component of fluid , and a strong focus on effective learning to help connect theory to the physical world. The text enables the gradual of confidence in . Each important concept is introduced in easy-to-understand terms before more complicated examples are discussed.

Continuing this ’s tradition of extensive real-world applications, this latest edition includes new problem types, an increased number of real-world photos, and additional videos to augment the text material and help support visualization skill building and engage users more deeply with the material and concepts.

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Table of Content

1. Introduction.
2. Fluid Statics.
3. Elementary Fluid Dynamics-The Bernoulli Equation.
4. Fluid Kinematics.
5. Finite Control Volume Analysis.
6. Differential Analysis of Fluid Flow.
7. Similitude, Dimensional Analysis, and Modeling.
8. Viscous Flow in Pipes.
9. Flow Over Immersed Bodies.
10. Open-Channel Flow.
11. Turbomachines.