Fundamentals of Differential Equations – R. Nagle, E. Saff, D. Snider – 7th Edition


Fundamentals of Equations presents the basic theory of equations and offers a variety of modern applications in and . Available in two versions, these flexible texts offer the instructor many choices in syllabus , course emphasis (theory, methodology, applications, and numerical ), and in using commercially available software.

Fundamentals of , Seventh Edition is suitable for a one-semester sophomore- or junior-level course. Fundamentals of with Boundary Value , Fifth Edition, contains enough material for a two-semester course that covers and builds on boundary value . The Boundary Value version consists of the main text plus three additional chapters (Eigenvalue and Sturm-Liouville Equations; Stability of Autonomous Systems; and Existence and Uniqueness Theory).

Table of Content

1. Introduction
2. First-Order Differential Equations
3. Mathematical Models and Numerical Methods Involving First Order Equations
4. Linear Second-Order Equations
5. Introduction to Systems and Phase Plane Analysis
6. Theory of Higher-Order Linear Differential Equations
7. Laplace Transforms
8. Series Solutions of Differential Equations
9. Matrix Methods for Linear Systems
10. Partial Differential Equations

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