Inorganic Chemistry – Gary L. Miessler, Paul J. Fischer, Donald A. Tarr – 5th Edition

With its updates to quickly changing content areas, a strengthened visual presentation and the addition of new co-author Paul Fischer, the new edition of this highly readable text is more educational and valuable than ever.

, 5/e delivers the essentials of Inorganic at just the right level for today’s classroom — neither too high (for novice readers) nor too low (for advanced readers). Strong coverage of atomic theory and an emphasis on physical provide a firm understanding of the theoretical basis of inorganic , while a reorganized presentation of molecular orbital and group theory highlights key principles more clearly.

1. Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry.
2. Atomic Structure.
3. Simple Bonding Theory.
4. Symmetry and Group Theory.
5. Molecular Orbitals.
6. Acid-Base and Donor-Acceptor Chemistry.
7. The Crystalline Solid State.
8. Chemistry of the Main Group Elements.
9. Coordination Chemistry I: Structures and Isomers.
10. Coordination Chemistry II: Bonding.
11. Coordination Chemistry III: Spectra.
12. Coordination Chemistry : Reactions and Mechanisms.
13. Organometallic Chemistry.
14. Organometallic Reactions and Catalysis.
15. Parallels Between Main Group and Organometallic Chemistry.

Title: Inorganic Chemistry
Author: Gary L. Miessler / Donald A. Tarr/ Paul J. Fischer
Edition: 5th Edition
ISBN: 0321811054 | 978-0321811059
Type: eBook
Language: English
Inorganic Chemistry

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