Introduction To Electrodynamics – David J. Griffiths – 3rd Edition

For junior/senior-level electricity and magnetism courses. This book is known for its clear, concise and accessible coverage of standard topics in a logical and pedagogically sound order.

The Third features a clear, accessible treatment of the of electromagnetic theory, providing a sound platform for the exploration of related applications (ac circuits, antennas, transmission lines, plasmas, optics, etc.). Its lean and focused approach employs numerous examples and problems.

1. Vector Analysis: Vector Algebra. Differential Calculus. Integral Calculus. Curvilinear Coordinates. The Dirac Delta Function. The Theory of Vector Fields.

2. Electrostatics: The . Divergence and Curl of Electrostatic Fields. Electric Potential. Work and Energy in Electrostatics. Conductors.

3. Special Techniques: Laplace’s Equation and Uniqueness Theorems. . Separation of Variables. Multipole Expansion.

4. Electrostatic Fields in Matter: Polarization. The Field of a Polarized Object. The Electric Displacement. Linear Dielectrics.

5. Magnetostatics: The Lorentz Force Law. The Biot-Savart Law. The Divergence and Curl of B. Magnetic Vector Potential.

6. Magnetic Fields in Matter: Magnetization. The Field of a Magnetized Object. The Auxiliary Field H. Linear and Nonlinear Media.

7. Electrodynamics: Electromotive Force. Electromagnetic Induction. Maxwell’s .

8. Conservation Laws: Charge and Energy. Momentum.

9. Electromagnetic Waves: Waves in One Dimension. Electromagnetic Waves in Vacuum. Electromagnetic Waves in Matter. Absorption and Dispersion. Guided Waves.

10. Potentials and Fields: The Potential Formulation. Continuous Distributions. Point Charges.

11. Radiation: Dipole Radiation. Point Charges.

12. Electrodynamics and Relativity: The Special Theory of Relativity. Relativistic Mechanics. Relativistic Electrodynamics.

Appendix A: Vector Calculus in Curvilinear Coordinates.
Appendix B: The Helmholtz Theorem.
Appendix C: Units.

Title: Introduction to Electrodynamics
Author: David J. Griffiths
Edition: 3rd Edition
ISBN: 013805326X | 9780138053260
Type: eBook | Solution Manual
Language: English
Electromagnetic Theory

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