Introductory Linear Algebra with Applications – Bernard Kolman & David Hill – 8th Edition


This provides an introduction to the basic ideas, computational techniques, and applications of linear . Introductory Linear with Applications Sixth Edition emphasizes the computational and geometrical aspects of linear , while keeping abstraction to a minimum and illustrating every idea with examples. It provides three different types of exercises. Exercises contains routine exercises.

Theoretical Exercises includes exercises that fill in gaps in some of the proofs and can be used to challenge the more capable and interested reader. The third class consists of exercises connected to the available disk. In addition, the end of every chapter contains a summary of Key Ideas for Review, a set of Supplementary Exercises, and a Chapter Test.

This edition of Introductory with Applications has been revised to incorporate recommendations from The Curriculum Study Group on developing ways to improve instruction in . A valuable book on the basic of and its applications for any reader seeking information on the subject.

Table of Content

1. Linear Equations and Matrices.
2. Applications of Linear Equations and Matrices (Optional).
3. Determinants.
4. Vectors in Rn .
5. Applications of Vectors in R2 and R3 (Optional).
6. Real Vector Spaces.
7. Applications of Real Vector Spaces (Optional).
8. Eigenvalues, Eigenvectors, and Diagonalization.
9. Applications of Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors (Optional).
10. Linear Transformations and Matrices.
11. Linear Programming (Optional).
12. MATLAB for Linear Algebra.

Appendix A: Complex Numbers.
Appendix B: Further Directions.
Answers to Odd-Numbered Exercises and Chapter Tests.