Managerial Accounting – Don R. Hansen, Maryanne M. Mowen – 8th Edition


Prepare your students to perform at their best with the latest streamlined and reorganized edition of this innovative managerial accounting text. /Mowen’s MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING, 8E reflects the latest developments in managerial accounting today with a strong decision-making that integrates unmatched coverage of contemporary topics, such as strategic cost analysis, ABC, and cost management, with traditional coverage of issues such as job order and costing.

Unique, full chapters on environmental accounting and lean accounting further highlight cutting-edge concepts. A wealth of actual business examples throughout this edition include more service-oriented situations to mirror the shift toward the service in the economy today.

A new emphasis on ethics prepares students for CPA and CMA exams. You’ll find more variety and stronger end-of-chapter problems and exercises that correspond directly to AACSB and CMA standards to ensure understanding in these important areas.

A new, outcomes-driven CengageNOW teaching and learning saves you time and offers the ultimate flexibility in planning, managing, and grading your course with personalized learning paths to ensure stronger student performance and ongoing satisfaction with your managerial accounting course.

Table of Content

Chapter 1 Introduction: The Role, History, and Direction of Management Accounting
Chapter 2 Basic Management Accounting Concepts
Chapter 3 Activity Cost Behavior
Chapter 4 Activity-Based Product Costing
Chapter 5 Activity-Based Management
Chapter 6 Job-Order and Process Costing
Chapter 7 Support-Department Cost Allocation
Chapter 8 Budgeting for Planning and Control
Chapter 9 Standard Costing: A Managerial Control Tool
Chapter 10 Segmented Reporting, Investment Center Evaluation, and Transfer Pricing
Chapter 11 Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis: A Managerial Planning Tool
Chapter 12 Tactical Decision Making
Chapter 13 Capital Investment Decisions
Chapter 14 Inventory Management
Chapter 15 Quality Costs and Productivity: Measurement, Reporting and Control
Chapter 16 Lean Accounting, Target Costing, and the Balanced Scorecard
Chapter 17 Environmental Cost Management
Chapter 18 International Issues in Management Accounting

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