The Mastering Engineer’s Handbook – Bobby Owsinski – 1st Edition


Redesigned and updated to reflect both the latest in and recent changes in the ever-evolving marketplace, this new edition of the covers all the fundamentals, from the history of mastering to prepping your mix, the tools of mastering, the mechanics of the mastering process, and the details you’ll need to know when mastering for a variety of output media, CD, vinyl, , and more.

The book also features Owsinski’s interviews with a number of successful mastering discussing their techniques and tips that will help you master your own music with style and solid technical know-how.

Table of Content

What Exactly is Mastering?
The Mechanics of Mastering
Tools for Mastering
Mastering for CD
CDs – How They Work and How They’re Made
Mastering for Vinyl
Parts Production
Ten Recording Tips to Remember Before Mastering
The Future is Here
Surround Master Media Prep
Surround Equipment
Multichannel Audio Delivery Formats

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