Materials Science and Engineering an Introduction – William D. Callister – 6th Edition


The main objective of this text is to present the fundamentals of and Engineering of at a level comprehensible for who have completed the introductory courses in , and .

In order to achieve this, a familiar is used for students who meet for the first time with Science and Materials Engineering and also defining and then using unfamiliar terms.

Table of Content

Atomic structure and interatomic links.
The structure of crystalline solids.
Imperfections in solids.
Mechanical properties of metals.
Dislocations and reinforcement mechanisms.
Phase diagrams.
Phase transformations in metals.
Thermal treatment of metal alloys.
Metal alloys.
Structure and properties of ceramics.
Applications and shaping of ceramics.
Structural polymers.
Characteristics, applications and shaping of polymers.
Corrosion and degradation of materials.
Electrical properties.
Thermal properties.
Optical properties.
Selecting materials

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