Mathematical Methods of Physics – Mathews & Walker – 2nd Edition

This well-known text treats a variety of essential topics, ranging in difficulty from simple differential equations to group theory. Physical intuition, rather than rigor, is used to develop facility, and the authors have kept the text at a level consistent with the needs and abilities of upper-division students. This book covers subjects which are often ignored in traditional texts; for example, statistics and the fitting of experimental , dispersion relations and super-convergence relations and the group SU(3).

1. Ordinary Differential Equations.
2. Infinite Series.
3. Evaluation of Integrals.
4. Integral Transforms.
5. Further Applications of Complex Variable.
6. Vectors and Matrices.
7. Special .
8. Partial Differential Equations.
9. Eigenfuctions, Eigenvalues, and Green’s Functions.
10. Peturbation Theory.
11. Integral Equations.
12. Calculus of Variations.
13. Methods.
14. Probability and Statistics.
15. Tensor and Differential Geometry.
16. to Groups and Group Representations.
Appendix: Some Properties of Functions of a Complex Variable.

Title: Mathematical Methods of Physics
Author: Jon Mathews / Robert L. Walker
Edition: 2nd Edition
ISBN: 0805370021 | 978-0805370027
Type: eBook
Language: English
Mathematical Physics

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