Mathematical Statistics with Applications – Miller & Freund’s – 8th Edition

John E. Freund’s Mathematical Statistics with Applications, Eighth , provides a calculus-based introduction to and application of statistics, based on comprehensive coverage that reflects the latest in statistical thinking, the teaching of statistics, and current practices.

This text is appropriate for a two-semester or three-quarter calculus-based course in Introduction to Mathematical Statistics. It can also be used for a single-semester course emphasizing probability, probability distributions and densities, sampling, and classical statistical inference.

1. Introduction
2. Probability
3. Probability Distributions and Probability Densities
4. Mathematical Expectation
5. Special Probability Distributions
6. Special Probability Densities
7. of Random Variables
8. Sampling Distributions
9. Decision Theory
10. Point
11. Interval Estimation
12. Hypothesis Testing
13. Tests of Hypotheses Involving Means, Variances, and Proportions
14. and Correlation
15. and of
16. Nonparametric Tests

Title: Mathematical Statistics with Applications
Author: Miller & Freund's / Irwin Miller/ Marylees Miller
Edition: 8th Edition
ISBN: 9780321807090
Type: eBook
Language: English

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