MATLAB: An Introduction with Applications – Amos Gilat – 4th Edition

MATLAB: An Introduction with Applications is used by more college students than any other MATLAB text or . This concise book is known for its just-in-time approach, giving students the information when they need it.

The new edition presents the latest MATLAB functionality gradually and in detail. Equally effective as a freshmen-level text, self-study tool, or course reference, the book is generously illustrated through computer screen shots and step-by-step tutorials, with abundant and motivating applications to problems in mathematics, science, and .

Chapter 1 Starting With MATLAB.
Chapter 2 Creating Arrays.
Chapter 3 Operations With Arrays.
Chapter 4 Using Script Files And Managing .
Chapter 5 Two-Dimensional Plots.
Chapter 6 Programming In MATLAB.
Chapter 7 User-Defined Functions And Files.
Chapter 8 , Curve Fitting, And Interpolation.
Chapter 9 Applications In Numerical .
Chapter 10 Three-Dimensional Plots.
Chapter 11 Symbolic Math.

Title: MATLAB an Introduction with Applications
Author: Amos Gilat
Edition: 4th Edition
ISBN: 0470767855 | 9780470767856
Type: eBook
Language: English
Computer Programming

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