Nuclear and Particle Physics – Brian R. Martin – 1st Edition

An accessible to nuclear and physics with equal coverage of both topics, this text covers all the standard topics in and thoroughly and provides a few extras, including chapters on experimental ; applications of including fission, fusion and biomedical applications; and unsolved problems for the future.

It includes basic concepts and theory combined with current and future applications. An excellent resource for physics and astronomy undergraduates in higher-level courses, this text also serves well as a reference for graduate studies.

Physical Constants and Conversion Factors.

1 Basic Concepts.
2 Nuclear Phenomenology.
3 Particle Phenomenology.
4 Experimental Methods.
5 Quark : the Strong Interaction.
6 Electroweak Interactions.
7 Models and Theories of Nuclear Physics.
8 Applications of Nuclear Physics.
9 Outstanding Questions and Future Prospects.

Appendix A: Some Results in Quantum .
Appendix B: Relativistic Kinematics.
Appendix C: Rutherford Scattering.
Appendix D: Solutions to Problems.


Title: Nuclear and Particle Physics: An Introduction
Author: Brian R. Martin
Edition: 1st Edition
ISBN: 0470742755 | 9780470742754
Type: eBook
Language: English
Modern Physics

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