Operations Research an Introduction – Hamdy A. Taha – 8th Edition


For junior/senior undergraduate and first-year graduate courses in Operations Research in departments of Industrial , Business Administration, Statistics, Computer , and .

Significantly revised, this text streamlines the coverage of the theory, applications, and computations of operations research. Numerical examples are effectively used to explain mathematical concepts. A separate chapter of fully analyzed applications aptly demonstrates the diverse use of OR.

The popular commercial and tutorial software AMPL, Excel, Excel Solver, and Tora are used throughout the to solve practical and to test theoretical concepts. New materials include Markov chains, TSP heuristics, new LP models, and a totally new simplex-based to LP sensitivity analysis.

Table of Content

1: What is Operations Research?
2: Modeling with Linear Programming
3: The Simplex Method and Sensitivity Analysis
4: Duality and Post-Optimal Analysis
5: Transportation Model and its Variants
6: Network Models
7: Advanced Linear Programming
8: Goal Programming
9: Integer Linear Programming
10: Deterministic Dynamic Programming
11: Deterministic Inventory Models
12: Review of Basic Probability
13: Decision Analysis and Games
14: Probabilistic Inventory Models
15: Queueing Systems
16: Simulation Modeling
17: Markov Chains
18: Classical Optimization Theory
19: Nonlinear Programming Algorithms
20: Additional Network and LP Algorithms
21: Forecasting Models
22: Probabilistic Dynamic Programming
23: Markovian Decision Process
24: Case Analysis