Operations & Supply Management – F. Robert Jacobs, Richard Chase – 12th Edition


and , as the title indicates, provides increased emphasis on chain management in the 12e. The 12e continues its market leading up-to-date coverage of service as well. The text includes solved examples and , enough cases for MBA courses to use without supplementing, and the leading support suite.

The 12th International Edition of the has a supply chain focus as compared to the 11th edition , where the focus is competitiveness. The changed focus is prudent due to considerable interest of contemporary Operations Managers in Supply Chain activities.

Therefore, in India too, fresh adaptation of this book is urgently needed with a coherent focus and Indian cases/examples. The revision of Special Indian edition is aimed at catering to the present and future needs of Indian business environment.

While retaining the original framework and flavour of the book, relevant India specific content has been added in the form of cases, examples and boxed items keeping in mind the requirements of Indian and faculty.

Table of Content

Part 1: Strategy

1. Introduction to the Field

2. Operations and Supply Strategy

2A. Linear Programming Using the Excel Solver

3. Project Management

4. Product and Service Design

Part 2: Processes

5. Strategic Capacity Management

5 A. Learning Curves

6. Process Analysis

6A. Job Design with Work Measurement

7. Manufacturing Processes

7A. Facility Layout

8. Service Processes

8A. Waiting Line Analysis

9. Six-Sigma Quality

9A. Process Capability and SPC

Part 3: Supply Chain Design

10. Supply Chain Strategy

11. Logistics and Facility Location

12. Lean Manufacturing

13. Operations Consulting and Re-engineering

Part 4: Planning and Controlling the Supply Chain

14. Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

15. Demand Management and Forecasting

16. Aggregate Sales and Operations Planning

17. Inventory Control

18. Material Requirements Planning

Part 5: Scheduling

19. Scheduling

19A. Simulation

20. Constraint Management

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