Principles and Applications of Electrical Engineering – Giorgio Rizzoni – 3rd Edition

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The third edition of Principles and Applications of Electrical Engineering provides comprehensive coverage of the principles of electrical, , and electromechanical engineering to non-electrical engineering majors. Building on the success of previous editions, this text focuses on relevant and practical applications that will appeal to all engineering students.

1 to Electrical Engineering

Part I ‘ Circuits

2 ‘ Fundamentals of Electric Circuits
3 ‘ Resistive Network Analysis
4 ‘ AC Network Analysis
5 ‘ Transient Analysis
6 ‘ Frequency Response and System Concepts
7 ‘ AC Power

Part II ‘ Electronics

8 ‘ Operational Amplifiers
9 ‘ and Diodes
10 ‘ Bipolar Junction Transistors: Operation, Models, and Applications
11 ‘ Field-Effect Transistors: Operation, Circuit Models, and Applications
12 ‘ Power Electronics
13 ‘ Logic Circuits
14 ‘ Digital Systems

Part III ‘ Instrumentation and Systems

15 ‘ Electronic Instrumentation and Measurements
16 ‘ Analog Communication Systems
17 ‘ Digital Communications

Part ‘ Electromechanics

18 ‘ Principles of Electromechanics
19 ‘ Introduction to Electric Machines
20 ‘ Special-Purpose Electric Machines

Title: Principles and Applications of Electrical Engineering
Author: Giorgio Rizzoni
Edition: 3rd Edition
ISBN: 9780071254441
Type: eBook
Language: English
Electrical Engineering

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