Principles of Data Structures Using C and C++ – Vinu V. Das – 1st Edition

Principles of using C and C++ covers all the fundamental topics to give a better understanding about the subject. Moreover, this covers almost all the topics of the other Indian and International Universities where this subject is there in their undergraduate and graduate programs. All effort is made to discuss the topics in the simplest possible way without loosing its qualities.

The study of data structures is an subject of every under graduate and graduate programs related to science. A thorough understanding of the basics of this subject is inevitable for efficient programming.

  1. Programming Methodologies
  2. Memory Management
  3. The Stack
  4. The Queue
  5. Linked List
  6. Sorting Techniques
  7. Searching and Hashing
  8. The Trees
  9. Graphs
Title: Principles of Data Structures Using C and C++
Author: Vinu V. Das
Edition: 1st Edition
ISBN: 978-81-224-2864-3
Type: eBook
Language: English

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