Principles of Measurement Systems – John P. Bentley – 4th Edition

Measurement is an essential activity in every branch of technology and science and as such forms part of degree, diploma and certificate courses in engineering and applied science.

The fourth edition of this respected and successful text has been extensively extended and updated to include new developments in measurement devices and technology. It provides a coherent and integrated approach to the topic, covering main techniques and devices used, together with relevant theory and applications, for both mechanical and electronic systems.

It is divided into three parts, covering the general principles, followed by the typical elements of measurement systems, and then moving on to current and emerging specialised techniques which have important industrial applications.

Key features:

  • New chapter on Intelligent Multivariable Measurement Systems
  • Incorporates increased coverage on solid state sensors
  • New material on structure, software and applications of
  • A completely revised chapter on Data Presentation
  • Additional problems have been added at a basic and introductory level

This book is aimed at taking modules in measurement and instrumentation as part of degree courses in instrumentation/control, mechanical, , electrical, electronic, chemical engineering and applied physics as well as students on HNC/HND and foundation degree courses on measurement and instrumentation. This text is also suitable for professional and technical working in the measurement and control discipline.

Part A: General Principles
1. The general measurement system
2. Static characteristics of measurement system elements
3. The accuracy of measurement systems in the steady state
4. Dynamic characteristics of measurement systems
5. Loading effects and two-port
6. Signals and noise in measurement systems
7. Reliability, choice and economics of measurement systems

Part B: Typical measurement system elements
8. Sensing elements
9. Signal conditioning elements
10. Signal processing elements and software
11. Data presentation elements.

Part C: Speciaised measurement Systems
12. Flow measurement systems.
13. Intrinsically safe measurement systems.
14. Heat transfer effects in measurement systems.
15. Optical measurement systems.
16. Ultrasonic measurement systems.
17. Gas chromatography.
18. Data acquisition and communications systems
19. The intelligent multivariable measurement system

Title: Principles of Measurement Systems
Author: John P. Bentley
Edition: 4th Edition
ISBN: 0130430285 | 9780130430281
Type: eBook
Language: English
Civil Engineering

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