Project Management for Engineering – J. Nicholas – 4th Edition


There is an ever-growing need for better within the disciplines of , business and and this new edition is a direct response to that need. By emphasizing practical applications, this targets the ultimate purpose of ; to unify and integrate the interests, resources and work efforts of many stakeholders to accomplish the overall goal.

The book encompasses the essential background material required, from philosophy to methodology, before presenting concepts and techniques for practical application on topics :

  • project initiation and proposals
  • scope and task definition
  • scheduling
  • budgeting
  • risk .

The new edition has been updated to provide closer alignment with PMBOK terms and definitions for more ease of use alongside PMI qualifications and covers the latest developments in project management methodologies.

Supplemented by brand new case studies from engineering and technology projects, as well as improved instructor support , this text is an ideal resource and reference for anyone studying or practicing project management within engineering or business environments.

Table of Content

Part 1: Philosophy and concepts
1. What is Project Management?
2. Systems Approach and Systems Engineering

Part 2: Systems Development Cycle
3. Systems Development Cycle and Project Conception
4. Project and System Definition

Part 3: Systems and Procedures
5. Planning Fundamentals
6. Project Time Planning and Networks
7. Advanced Network Analyses and Scheduling
8. Cost Estimating and Budgeting
9. Project Quality Management
10. Managing Risks in Projects
11. Project Execution and Control
12. Project Evaluation, Communication, Implementation and Closeout

Part 4: Organization Behavior
13. Project Organization Structure and Integration
14. Project Roles, Responsibility and Authority
15. Managing Participation, Teamwork and Conflict

Part 5: Project Management in the Corporate Context
16. The Management of Project Management
17. Project Selection and Portfolio Management
18. International Project Management


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