Root Cause Failure Analysis – R. Keith Mobley – 1st Edition


Failure provides the concepts needed to effectively perform industrial troubleshooting investigations. It describes the methodology to perform Failure Analysis (RCFA), one of the hottest topics currently in maintenance . It also includes detailed equipment and troubleshooting guidelines, which are needed to perform RCFA analysis on machinery found in most production facilities. This information will therefore be invaluable to maintenance and plant managers wanting to increase their own , plan or provide training (and use this in doing so), and to operators needing to improve their skills.

Table of Content

I: Introduction to Root Cause Failure Analysis: 1:Introduction: 2:General Analysis Techniques: 3:Root Cause Failure Analysis Methodology: 4:Safety-Related Issues: 5:Regulatory Compliance Issues: 6:Process Performance

II: Equipment Design Evaluation Guide: 7:Pumps: 8:Fans, Blowers, and Fluidizers: 9:Conveyors: 10:Compressors: 11:Mixers and Agitators: 12:Dust Collectors: 13:Process Rolls: 14:Gearboxes/​Reducers: 15:Steam Traps: 16:Inverters: 17:Control Valves: 18:Seals and Packing

III: Equipment Troubleshooting Guide: 19:Pumps: 20:Fans, Blowers, and Fluidizers: 21:Conveyors: 22:Compressors: 23:Mixers and Agitators: 24:Dust Collectors: 25:Process Rolls: 26:Gearboxes or Reducers: 27:Steam Traps: 28:Inverters: 29:Control Valves: 30:Seals and Packing: 31:Others.

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