Semiconductor Devices Physics and Technology – Simon M. Sze – 2nd Edition


This completely reorganized edition of the classic provides detailed information on the underlying and operational characteristics of all major bipolar, unipolar, microwave, and optoelectronic devices. Integrates nearly 1,000 references to important original research papers and review articles, more than 650 high– technical illustrations, and 25 of material parameters for device .

Table of Content


Semiconductor Physics.
Power Bands
Concentration of carriers in thermal equilibrium.
Transport phenomena Carrier.


Semiconductor devices.
P-N Junction.
Bipolar transistors and related devices.
MOSFET and related devices.
MESFET and related devices.
Microwave Diodes,
Quantum Effect-and Hot Electron Devices.
Photonic devices.


Semiconductor technology.
Crystal growth and epitaxy.
Lithography and etching.
Impure Doping.
Integrated devices.

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