Soil Mechanics – R. F. Craig – 7th Edition

This seventh of , widely praised for its clarity, depth of explanation and extensive coverage, presents the fundamental principles of and illustrates they are applied in practical situations. Worked examples throughout the book reinforce the explanations and a range of problems for the reader to solve provide further opportunities.

R.F. Craig, R. F. PinkSoil Mechanics assembles all the essential of an undergraduate course, leading from the properties of soils and basic theory through to practical applications such as retaining structures and foundations.NBNB

1. Basic Characteristics of Soils
2. Seepage
3. Effective Stress
4. Shear
5. Stresses and Displacements
6. Lateral Earth Pressure
7. Consolidation Theory
8. Bearing Capacity
9. Stability of Slopes

Title: Soil Mechanics
Author: R. F. Craig
Edition: 7th Edition
ISBN: 0415327024 | 9780415327022
Type: eBook
Language: English
Mechanics Of Materials


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