Transport Processes and Separation Process Principles – C. J. Geankopolis – 4th Edition

Appropriate for one-year transport phenomena (also called transport ) and separation course. First semester covers fluid , heat and mass transfer; second semester covers separation process principles (includes unit operations). The title of this Fourth has been changed from Transport Processes and Unit Operations to Transport Processes and Separation Process Principles (Includes Unit Operations).

This was done because the term Unit Operations has been largely superseded by the term Separation Processes which better reflects the present modern nomenclature being used. The main objectives and the format of the Fourth Edition remain the same. The sections on momentum transfer have been greatly expanded, especially in the sections on fluidized beds, flow meters, mixing, and non-Newtonian fluids. Material has been added to the chapter on mass transfer.

The chapters on absorption, distillation, and liquid-liquid extraction have also been enlarged. More new material has been added to the sections on ion exchange and crystallization. The chapter on membrane separation processes has been greatly expanded especially for gas-membrane .

1. Introduction to Engineering Principles and Units.
2. Principles of Momentum Transfer and Overall Balances.
3. Principles of Momentum Transfer and Applications.
4. Principles of Steady-State Heat Transfer.
5. Principles of Unsteady-State Heat Transfer.
6. Principles of Mass Transfer.
7. Principles of Unsteady-State and Convective Mass Transfer.

8. Evaporation.
9. Drying of Process Materials.
10. Stage and Continuous Gas-Liquid Separation Processes.
11. Vapor-Liquid Separation Processes.
12. Liquid-Liquid and Fluid-Solid Separation Processes.
13. Membrane Separation Processes.
14. Mechanical- Separation Processes.

Title: Transport Processes and Separation Process Principles
Author: Christie John Geankopolis
Edition: 4th Edition
ISBN: 9702408563 | 9789702408567
Type: Solution Manual
Language: English

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