University Physics Vol.1 – Sears, Zemansky’s – 11th Edition


This book is the product of more than half a century of innovation in the teaching of physics. The success of university physics among generations of students and educators around the world is testimony to the merits of their approach: an emphasis on the fundamental principles of physics and how to apply them. This eleventh edition emphasizes two key objectives: to help the student acquire a conceptual understanding and to facilitate the acquisition of solid problem-solving skills.

Table of Contents

Part I: Mechanics

Chapter 1: Units, physical quantities and vectors
Chapter 2: Straight Line Motion
Chapter 3: Motion in two or three dimensions
Chapter 4: Newton Motion Laws
Chapter 5: Applications of Newton's Laws
Chapter 6: Work and kinetic energy
Chapter 7: Potential energy and energy conservation
Chapter 8: Linear momentum, momentum and shocks
Chapter 9: Rotation of rigid bodies
Chapter 10: Rotational motion dynamics
Chapter 11: Balance and elasticity
Chapter 12: Gravitation
Chapter 13: Periodic motion
Chapter 14: Fluid Mechanics Waves / Acoustics

Part II: Waves / Acoustics

Chapter 15: Mechanical waves
Chapter 16: Sound and Hearing Thermodynamics

Part III: Thermodynamics

Chapter 17: Temperature and heat
Chapter 18: Thermal Properties of Matter
Chapter 19 : The First Law of Thermodynamics
Chapter 20: The Second Law of Thermodynamics


Appendix A: The international system of units
Appendix B: Useful Math Relationships
Appendix C: The Greek alphabet
Appendix D: Periodic Table of Elements
Appendix E: Unit conversion factors
Appendix F: Number Constants
Answers to odd number problems

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