Vector Mechanics for Engineers: Dynamics – Beer & Johnston – 6th Edition

Vector for Engineers: provides conceptually accurate and thorough coverage, and its problem-solving methodology gives the best opportunity to learn dynamics. This new features a significantly refreshed problem set, chapter openers with real-life examples, outlines previewing objectives and sample problems.

1 Introduction
2 Statics of Particles
3 Rigid Bodies: Equivalent of Forces
4 Equilibrium of Rigid Bodies
5 Distributed Forces: Centroids and Centers of Gravity
6 of Structures
7 Forces in Beams and Cables
8 Friction
9 Distributed Forces: Moments of Inertia
10 Method of Virtual Work

Title: Vector Mechanics for Engineers: Dynamics
Author: Beer & Johnston / Elwood Russell Johnston/ Ferdinand Pierre Beer
Edition: 6th Edition
ISBN: 0079126375 | 9780079126375
Volumen: Volumen 2
Type: Solution Manual
Language: English
Dynamics Mechanics

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