Wave Physics: Oscillations, Solitons & Chaos – Stephen Nettel – 4th Edition


This details all mathematical and aspects of classical wave phenomena. Coverage in this new edition includes an explanation of ’s function, reinforcing the integration of quantum with classical physics.

This textbook is intended for those second year undergraduates in and . who will later need an understanding of and quantum mechanics.

The classical physics of oscillations and waves is developed at a more advanced level than has been customary for the second year, providing a basis for the quantum mechanics that follows. In this new edition the Green’s function is explained, reinforcing the integration of quantum mechanics with classical physics. The text may also form the basis of an “introduction to theoretical physics” for physics majors.

The concluding chapters give special attention to topics in current : nonlinear waves, solitons, and chaotic .

Table of Content

  1. Mathematical Foundation for Wave Physics

  2. Oscillations of Mechanical and Electrical Systems

  3. Waves on Stretched Strings

  4. Electromagnetic Waves

  5. Light: Physical Optics, Refraction

  6. Wave Mechanics

  7. Nonlinear Waves on Water - Solitons

  8. Nonlinear Phenomena - Chaos.